New Green Directory Technology!


As part of our continuous efforts to promote our industry and support the local community, the Washington State Department of Commerce is adopting a new software solution for its Aerospace Directory.


This new green technology, recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, enables our directory CDs to seamlessly update themselves with your latest information - including text, graphics, PDFs, video and more.


There are no more deadline worries or "shelf-life" concerns, production or shipping expenses that plague traditional print directories.


A Resource Customers Will Use
Consumers positively respond to collateral materials, even in a digital age. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 17 billion catalogs and directories were mailed last year - and they pay off. Marketers say they still drive business and increase sales.


Compared to a print directory, the multimedia CDs won’t go out of date. Users will get a fresh experience instead of a publication that is out-of-date the minute it is printed.


Plus, the CDs cost less to produce than thumb/USB drives. There’s more opportunity to insert additional items, like your business card or a product brochure. All with zero risk of a user erasing the information to transport their next PowerPoint.



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